Kavian Safety boots

630,000 تومان

Kavian Safety boots

Made of the best natural leather in Tabriz
Size: 39/46
Color: Black / Brown
Claw Head: Steel / Composite
Shoe Soles: PU / dual density
Warranty: one year
Approved by the Ministry of Occupational Health



Kavian Safety boots

Kavian safety boots are high quality and standard products from Iman Gostar Jasoor Company in Tabriz. This product is produced using the latest technology and advanced knowledge in the field of production of safety shoes and has very valid standards. Definitely, safety shoes are one of the most important and vital equipments to ensure the safety of the forces in different work and industrial sectors. The foot as an important organ and the second heart of the body needs special care, especially in the workplace, which always faces many dangers. Therefore, the . need to use a quality safety shoe in the workplace is more than ever felt

کفش ایمنی تبریز کاویان ساق بلند

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Black, Brown


39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46


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Kavian Safety boots